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Unfair Competition: Fending Off The Competitor’s Legal Action

We defeated an attempt by a competing restaurant franchise to use legal tactics to obtain proprietary information. A prominent chain of restaurants believed our client, a competing restaurant chain, had stolen its restaurant concept, including its recipes, design and layout. In an unusual tactic, the complaining company asked the court […]

Fraud & Civil Rico: Trial Victory

Hired on the eve of trial, we succeeded in getting all fraud and racketeering charges dismissed against an international franchisor and its CEO. A nationally known Washington DC attorney, who is a crusader for franchisees, targeted our client, a leader in its particular segment of an industry. The case was […]

Summary Judgment Obtained In Multiple Dram Shop Act Cases

Four corporate entities owned by our client, a bar and restaurant, were the subjects of four separate lawsuits regarding serving alcohol at an establishment (Dram Shop Act) arising when a patron got into his car and ran down a crowd of people outside of the establishment. We reviewed the client’s […]

Fraud & Breach Of Contract: Business Breakup

We completely removed our client from a complex, lengthy trial when a former partner destroyed evidence that made a fair trial impossible. Our client, a CPA and a lawyer, was sued for fraud and theft in connection with a failed business relationship. During the lawsuit, it was learned that the […]

Commercial Real Estate Settlement: The Case That Could Not Be Settled

After battling for years — with each side calling the police on the other — we were retained in a hotly contested dispute between partners who owned a commercial building together. Numerous financial issues existed, as well as disputes as to the relative value of the interests of the parties […]

LLC Buyout Litigation: Favorable Settlement

We were hired to obtain a fair buyout of our client’s share in an LLC and a related corporation in which he had a one third interest. His former partners were refusing to place any value on either interest. Our client, a surgeon, had started up an ambulatory surgical center […]

Summary Judgment And Successful Appeal In $500,000 Debt Guarantee Case

Mr. Schlossberg obtained summary judgment on an action to enforce a guarantee on a $500,000 debt owed to a distributor of petroleum products. The guarantor tries to argue that the debt was forgiven due to a condition in the underlying contract, but Mr. Schlossberg proved to the court that the […]

Toxic Waste: Product Liability

We protected our client, a manufacturer of measuring equipment, from being a part of a large lawsuit when others were to blame for a toxic spill. When an oil delivery company overfilled an oil tank at a local school, an enormous spill ensued, causing substantial toxic contamination, which spread to […]

Partnership Litigation: Recusal Of Judge

We protected our client when his ex-partner’s best friend was the only judge in the county. All politics are local, and sometimes politics gets in the way of fairness. We were called in to handle a partnership dispute concerning the ownership of two upstate New York diners and joint property […]

Obtained Dismissal Of Breach Of Contract Suit Against A School District

Brad Schlossberg successfully defended a school district on an appeal in an action by an employee claiming breach of contract. The Appellate Division upheld the lower court finding that the employee could not maintain a cause of action directly against the school district. According to the court, the employee was […]