Creative Fee Arrangements When Suing Insurance Companies


Having represented insurance policyholders in claims and lawsuits against insurance companies for more than 25 years, I often say that my fee arrangements with clients can sometimes be as interesting as the cases themselves. Being creative and reasonable in the structure of a fee arrangement can be important in ensuring that a client, as a policyholder, is able to make the insurance company keep the promises it is now refusing to keep.

At my firm, all clients have the option to pay as they go if they wish. This means proceeding on an hourly basis. Quite often, that is the best course of action for the client. I have found it to be extraordinarily valuable to the firm and its clients, however, to explore multiple alternative fee arrangements based on the client’s circumstances.


Creative fee arrangements

Those arrangements can include any of the following:

  • A single, flat fee
  • A pure contingency fee
  • A modified fee with money paid up front and the balance on a contingency fee basis
  • Multiple variations of all of these

I have also represented a number of clients over the years who started off on a pay-as-you-go basis but converted later to a modified contingency fee or pure contingency fee arrangement.


Client options

Because I have, on multiple occasions, handled claims and litigation under almost every variation of fee arrangement, I have extraordinary experience, as does the firm, in evaluating these cases and making creative fee proposals to give clients options to consider. This has enabled the firm to effectively represent clients in matters where they may have chosen not to proceed at all, or may have chosen a different law firm and received inadequate or ineffective representation.

So, when you or your business is considering bringing a claim or filing a lawsuit against an insurance company, and wondering whether a law firm exists that handles these types of cases and is willing to do so under more than one type of fee arrangement, we could be the perfect choice for you.

While neither I nor anyone else could ever guarantee that we will come to such terms, I am happy to evaluate your situation and determine whether and under what circumstances we can best and most effectively make the insurance company keep the promises it made to you.


Evan S. Schwartz
Founder of Schwartz, Conroy & Hack


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