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Denial of Insurance Claim Attorney in NY

Denial of Insurance Claim Attorney in NY

Insurance companies may deny, terminate or otherwise limit a long-term disability claim for any number of reasons. An experienced denial of insurance claim attorney can honestly assess your situation and chart the best path to get you the benefits you deserve. Schwartz Law will do that for you.

What We Do

We’re aggressive litigators. But first and foremost, we’re strategists. When you consult with us, we don’t immediately initiate a long, legal battle. We evaluate your situation and the reason your long-term disability benefits have been denied, terminated or otherwise limited. We review your policy and the circumstances that led you to contact us, to determine what measures will be needed to convince an insurance company, or judge or jury, to see things your way.

How We Can Help

Understanding insurance law is often like mastering a second language. Our approach to solving your problem, whether sophisticated or simple, will help you successfully pursue your claim. We will identify the real reasons for the denial or termination of your insurance claim, by reading your policy and your correspondence with your insurance company, along with medical records and financial information, if needed. We then will recommend a course of action designed to ensure you get paid, along with a fee structure consistent with our recommended action plan.

Why You Should Work a Denial of Insurance Claim Attorney

Though every client’s situation is different, our goal is always the same: To deliver real value to clients for their investment in us. Once your path is charted, we’ll do everything we can to get you the benefits you deserve and paid premiums to receive.

Schwartz Law was created to make insurance companies keep their promises to policyholders like you. We work tirelessly to get your benefits paid, or to get you a settlement without the need of a lawsuit. If an insurance company isn’t willing to settle for an appropriate amount, you can count on our aggressive, successful litigators who to pursue your case in court. No matter what path we agree on, you can be certain that we’ll be forcing your insurance company to keep its promises to you.


We have secured hundreds of millions of dollars approved benefits, in verdicts and in settlements for our clients. Some began as claims and others were denials of insurance claims that other lawyers wouldn’t take. We can help. Our numerous successes also provided our clients with comfort and peace of mind, so they could move on with their lives and focus on their health and recovery.

View our Success Stories for in-depth analyses of our winning cases and their amounts and visit our Testimonials to see what our clients are saying about us from across the country.

what our clients say about us


  • Before choosing Schwartz law I was overwhelmed and confused about the whole LTD process and wanted to make sure I wasn’t making any wrong decisions for me and my family.

    Telecommunications Manager
  • Once a high functioning sales and trading VP at a bulge bracket investment bank, I began to really struggle emotionally esp. after the ongoing stresses of some devastating family health

    Trading VP, Bulge Bracket Investment Bank (original job in New Jersey)
  • Applying for disability, even when the need has become obvious to both yourself and those around you, is not necessarily an easy decision. In my case it meant having to

    Law Firm Partner
  • When I came to see Evan Schwartz, I had already shut down my business, was in the midst of a horrible divorce, had no income and hadn’t even filed a

    Business owner
  • Evan Schwartz and his team of lawyers fought for me like no one has ever for fought for me before. After a series of bad experiences with both doctors and

    IT Director

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